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CADBURYS – That Friday Feeling

Casting: Thursday 30th April and Friday 1st May 2015

Recalls: Tuesday 5th May AM

Dates: Monday 11th May – PM travel down to Oxford to hotel SHOOT
Tues 12th May Back either 12th or 13th May 2015 Wardrobe fitting – Thursday
7th May – AM

Fee: see below

Looking for fun and interesting (but attractive) faces for this. Please
ensure ladies are the right height and air controller can do the moon walk
and splits.

In five quick, punchy and fun-filled spots the viewer gets to know the
Cadbury’s Flight Attendant, Passenger and Air Traffic Controller, as they
experience the magic of traveling with Cadbury Air. An awesome experience of
happiness and pure chocolate joy.

With the quick and fun nature of the spots we lead the viewer up to the
final end frame with the enticing call to action “TO ENTER VISIT


also (but not essential)

Air Traffic Controller – Moonwalker 30’s – must have great facial
expressions. Must be a good dancer, who can act. Maybe a slightly weedy
looking guy – so we’re a bit more surprised that he can pull the moves.

Male. Athletic. A bit of a dude but still very likeable. He needs to be a
talented dancer able to do moonwalk, split and backflips (backflip not
essential) and pull it off with a smile and radiating energy. We could add
some funny facial hair like a moustache, to ramp up the laughs for when he
bursts into action and throws down his epic dance moves.

Must have nice physique and be a great dancer, with great moves, but must
not be too model looking. Needs to be a normal looking bloke. He must be
characterful, (as he is a funny character), he must be a great dancer but
able to to have fun facial expressions too.

Must not be ‘camp’ he thinks he is gods gift as he can do all of these
moves, but probably doesn’t have much luck with the ladies in reality. He
really gets into it. loving job on cloud 9 to be there.

If he can back flip great, but not essential (please put on suggestion)

Fee: BSF £250

Buyout: £1000 (400% of BSF) to cover five spots but likely to be only
featured in 2

To cover: 5 x 10” Online films plus cutdowns and variation inc social media
avoidance of doubt, Online and social media via any device). (For avoidance
of doubt variations may include alternative end frames/Artwork/URLS).

UK & Eire (for avoidance of doubt, internet can be accessed worldwide).

Online: 1 month

Use of the film and/or video and soundtrack of my performance including my
name and/or voice and/or likeness and any reproduction or adaptation thereof
and/or stills taken from the film or during the shooting of the film(s)
(including but not limited to behind the scenes) for all Publicity and
Editorial purposes, irrespective of media now known or invented in the
future, including but not limited to, Client and Agency self promotion,
editorial comment and review, awards, festivals/competitions, ceremonies and
websites and the promotion thereof. Use on all showreels, advertising
archives and for internal use, throughout the world for all time. For
avoidance of doubt this does not include paid for advertising.

For the avoidance of doubt Publicity /Editorial may include (but is not
limited to) productions such as ‘The Making of film’ or video blog or
documentary of the film.

Wardrobe £50

FLIGHT ATTENDANT: Female, late 20’s – mid 30’s. Full of energy, loves her
job. Always wearing
a beaming smile. MUST BE UNDER 5″ 7″ AS ON A PLANE.

Loves her job, super well groomed, bit cheeky, cute. not a model but pretty
and knows how to make the best of herself. She is quirky and cute. Stereo
typical air steward type.

Nice teeth and pretty, but not too thin… she has flaws but makes best of
them and presents herself beautifully.


Fee: as above.

PASSENGER: MUST BE UNDER 5″ 7″ Female, early – mid 30’s. A pretty but quirky
professional woman, who has a twinkle of mischief in her eyes. Think Kristen
Wiig (bridesmaids)

Attractive with a fun grin. She is mischievous and not too model type.
Pretty and professional

Great comedic expressions, funny character.

Fee: as above

PAPARAZZI: 2 guys late 30’s to 40’s ish. Shirt leather jacket or mac. Must
different to each other and look like typical Paparazzi.

Fee: BSF £250 – walk on No buyout

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