casting a commercial for ESURANCE

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Casting a commercial for ESURANCE


BSF £350.00 for up to 10 hours

Recall/wardrobe £50.00

Rehearsal fee £100.00

Buyout £4500.00 to cover:

Territory: North America.

Term: 6 Month from airing.

Media: Any & all electronic digital media including, but not limited to Free
TV, Industrial, Cable, Cinema, In-Flight, Electronic Devices & Web.

Please note that all rates above are inclusive of commission.


OLD MAN: Ideally, the Old Feller should clearly read “old.” Ethnicity is

He should seem frail but he doesn’t necessarily have to be infirm.

His actual age is not as important as his acting talent, as long as he
instantly physically reads “out of place” on a tennis court. The older
looking the better.

He should be cantankerous, full of go-get-em and not about to take
shenanigans off some young whipper-snapper upstart tennis champion.

Even if he’s physically not exactly up to the challenge of pro doubles

We may ask the men coming in to try an American accent. Scripts will be sent
in advance. If they can’t do that its not a deal breaker so please suggest
all accents.

GUY: Man 40-60 gangly, un-athletic and clearly out of place on a tennis
Think current day Steve Buscemi for a steer.

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