Casting a commercial for a JEWELLERY COMPANY.

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LOOK: Vital, energetic, attractive yet childish. She should some-what resemble Gwyneth Paltrow as she will play her mother
CHARACTER: Self centered and utterly funny.
Impulsive, witty and with a tremendous social skill. Susanne is a bomb. She
will steal the energy of any crowded room with her impressive charm. She’s a
terrible event planner.
HER STORY: Susanne has found in her older age the
secret of what it is to be young at heart.
Friendly, charming and impulsive, she loves talking
on the phone with her daughter Claire – who lives overseas. Claire is her
true best friend and the only one she will share every single detail of her
love life, even the kind of ‘details’ Claire would have rather not know.
Susanne is keeping a secret from Claire. She’s
waiting to give her a surprise: she’s getting married! Susanne knows Claire
is good at event planning and before making the announcement official to
her, she will lure Claire into helping her with some of the wedding

AUDITION GOAL: Susanne needs Claire’s support – the
wedding arrangements can be over- whelming to her. Nonetheless she has to
find a skillful way to conceal the news from Claire. The announcement of her
marriage must be a final reveal as surprising, funny and unexpectedly
emotional as possible

BSF: 450€
Travel and fitting days at 50% of BSF
BUYOUTS (includes print): 10,000€ +20%
VERSIONS: 90″, 20″ and 10″
6 months:
TV: Spain all versions

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