Commercial for ACCU-CHEK (Internet)

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commercial for ACCU-CHEK (Internet)

In this film we celebrate a day in the lives of three very different characters around the world with diabetes and how Accu-Chek supports them and brings them relief, though their innovative, pioneering products. This
is a global campaign.

Summary Accu-Chek is a product which helps you monitor and manage your diabetes.

Shoot: In and/or around London., United Kingdom SHOOT: 9th & 10th May

Fee: see attached

Suggestions please for:

BEATRIZ (Female, 55 – 65)
Beatriz is a type 2 diabetes patient and therefore she should
be very slightly overweight. Her playing age is late 50s to early 60s. Her
character is that of a Latin (Brazilian/Columbian/Mexican) archetypal
grandmother cooking in her kitchen, whilst her grandchildren play outside in
the sunny garden. She’s not too glamorous but is enthusiastic and energetic.
Her hair should not be grey. Brown eyes, Olive complexion. Beatriz loves to
cook and loves to have the grandchildren visit. She shouts for the children
to join her to eat lunch at the table. Spanish / Portuguese speaking or
accent – as she has a line of dialogue. Please state on your submissions if
your client(s) are genuinely Spanish / Portuguese or happy & confident doing
the accent.

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