Commercial for CADBURYS.

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Commercial for CADBURYS.

Shoot: One shoot day on either 18TH / 19TH / 20TH & 21ST March Travel dates: Travel one day either side, so potentially any day from  17th-22nd March. As it shoots in BARCELONA, all artists NEED VALID PASSPORTS.

Fees: BSF-£350.00. Travel days – £175 (50% BSF) Recall fee – £50 Wardrobe – £50 Rehearsal – £175 (50% BSF) Rest days – £175 (50% BSF) Overtime – 20% of agreed BSF per hour (up to midnight, 1/3 of agreed BSF per
hour thereafter) after 10 hours.   Businesswoman: Buyout £12,000.00 to cover: UK & Rep of Ireland, Australia & New Zealand Period of use: 12 month buyout for each territory:  N.B. 12 months use for each TVC from first on air date IN EACH TERRITORY (i.e. UK might run 1/5/16-1/5/17, but Australia might run 1/7/16-1/7/17). All TVC’s will all launch within 6 months of each other. Media: All moving media, including Free to air & pay TV, all internet (WW by nature but only to point at territories) & online social media, plus Point of sale. New packaging will be introduced at some point during the next 6-12 months, which will be added in post. The negotiated buyout fee will not be affected by changes to key numbers/clock numbers due to pack, super & end frame changes, additional logos, V/O revisions. Options: 2 x 12 month rollover options at 100% of negotiated buyout plus 10% year on
year. Cinema @ 50% of buyout fee All fees include all agency fees.

Careful suggestions please for:

BUSINESSWOMAN: She could have a playing age of 40-55. She looks really conservative & businesslike, she’s predator in the bank world. She’s a strong senior member of the board. She seems, perhaps, a touch superior, to the other members on the board. We need to feel that she is uptight and caught up in this business culture but there is something inside her that questions that life choice. She plays golf and listens to Barry Manilow.

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