Commercial for SAFEGUARD for Nigeria.

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Commercial for SAFEGUARD for Nigeria.

Casting: Friday 21st May @ Casting Cabin
Panther House, 38 Mt Pleasant, WC1X OAN

Shoot: !st week June in Bangkok TBC

Fee: see below

African artistes required for this one..preferably NATIVE Nigerian or able
to speak with convincing Nigerian accent. For the Doctor we are trying to
find someone with a medical qualification in an IDEAL world but its not
essential.Up to date passports needed, must be able to travel to Thailand.


MALE DOCTOR: Our doctor is professional and sympathetic, NIGERIAN…able to
speak with
Nigerian accent,.he is warm but with an air of authority.
In an ideal world we would love to find an actor with medical
qualifications, however the acting is first and foremost.
Playing age 35 – 65

Fee: £300 per shoot day
2 x travel days = £300
Buy out Nigeria tv and internet £1200
TOTAL £1800 excl overtime after 12 hrs
No agency 20%
Taxi to and from airport
Per diems £40 per day

MUM: is an attractive young woman with two children age 6 and 8. She should
be of NIGERIAN APPEARANCE and be able to speak with a Nigerian accent.
Attractive and well groomed she should appear convincing as a mum.
It would be great to see actresses with their own children if they are the
correct age, boy 6 girl 8. Please leave comments regarding this in comment
Playing age25 – 33

Fee: as above.

NIGERIAN BOY: Our little boy is about 6 yrs old…NIGERIAN in appearance and
able to speak
with Nigerian accent if possible. Cute and lively…happy to see siblings if
he has an older sister…please leave comment in comment box. This job will
require overseas license.

Fee: £180 per shoot day
2 travel days=£360
Buy out £900
Taxi to and from airport
Per diems £40 per day
Total for shoot per child =£1260
Chaperone fees £90 per day per chaperone

NIGERIAN GIRL: Our little girl is about 8 yrs old, cute and animated ,
appearance and able to do a Nigerian accent if possible….again would love
to use siblings if possible. boy 6 girl 8.
This job requires overseas license

Fee: as above

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