David Gandy reveals he’s retiring from modelling, and which body part of his he hates…

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David Gandy has revealed he is ready to quit modelling, to focus on designing.

The 35-year-old hunk told Alan Carr on his talk show, Chatty Man, he plans to concentrate on his work behind the camera.

“14 years I’ve been doing it and yes, I will be fading it out. I don’t do as much,” he said.

David, who has added a swimwear line to his Marks And Spencer underwear range, continued: “I have a lot of other work now – the designing side, which I would love to continue.”

He also plans to introduce aspiring male models into the industry.

“I think I will slowly sort of fade from maybe modelling my own stuff to bringing young British models to give them a chance like I had a chance,” he explained.

“To be honest, there are so many good looking guys that deserve a chance and they are so talented. I walk into my agency, and the guys in there are astoundingly good-looking. They’re bigger than me, and fitter than me and everything else.

“So that’s what I plan, and you know I’ve got all the charities and writing and stuff so there is plenty to keep me going.”

David said there is no rivalry between him and David Beckham, who has a bodywear line for fellow high street store H&M.

“I’m very proud that the Beckhams are an amazing British brand. What David and Victoria have done, I think is personally an inspiration to me,” he said.

“They’ve built their brand and Victoria has built an amazing fashion line. You know there is a lot of snobbery within the fashion world so for her to go from pop music to building a highly regarded fashion brand is amazing, to be honest.

“It’s not an easy game and David also, so no, I’m very proud that they are British.”

avid also said there is one body part he is unhappy with – his nose.

“It’s a big nose and I know that and I realise that, but no, I don’t Photoshop really anything,” he said.

“We’ve had photos that have come back and they’ve Photoshopped too much. I’ve got scars on my face and everything else and some people like it and some people don’t but I always say keep everything in.”

David’s full interview can be seen on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man at 10pm on Channel 4.

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