Lumpen is the model agency for ‘unusual types’

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When you think of models, you probably think of tall willowy girls and tanned hunking men. But that’s exactly what you won’t find at Lumpen model agency.

That’s because the Moscow-based agency is out to challenge the stereotypes of beauty, and is tackling the fashion industry head (or should that be face?) on.

The agency was set up by Russian film director Avdotja Alexandrova, who established the agency as a way to give exposure to what she calls ‘unusual types’.

Talking to The Calvert Journal, Avdotja explained: ‘I became a photographer and a film director because I’ve always been fascinated by unusual types.’

She went on: ‘I used to think that I love really striking, bold faces simply because I have bad eyesight, but now I realise that my interest is deeper than it seems – I am drawn to both appearance and character of my models, to their stories and experiences as much as their faces,’

That’s not to say that the models on Lumpen’s books aren’t beautiful. Their hotchpotch line-up of girls and boys are striking, visually stimulating and challenging, and offer more than simply a body for clothes to hang off.

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