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Shoot/Travel dates: 24th, 25th and 26th May, yes MAY, in Brussels : 1
shooting day for the talent, probably the 25th (TBC according to the
shooting schedule).

As it shoots in Belgium, all artists NEED VALID PASSPORTS.

Fees BSF-£350.00 Travel days – £175 (50% BSF)  Recall fee – £50 Wardrobe – £50 Rehearsal – £175 (50% BSF) Rest days – £175 (50% BSF)  Overtime – 20% of agreed BSF per hour (up to midnight, 1/3 of agreed BSF per hour thereafter) after 10 hours.  Buyouts: Please refer to attached sheet for fees etc. Both agent & artist will be expected to sign this if penciled, prior to being recalled. This said, please make sure you are happy with it before suggesting. All fees include all agency fees.

Overall cast: We are looking for really expressive actors. There is not dialogue but we want joyous, happy faces that can tell a story.

Suggestions please for THE FATHER: He could have a playing age of around 40, smiley, regular guy with a pleasant everyday kind of look. He has an expressive face and very expressive eyes. He has a good range. All ethnicities.

OFFICE WORKERS: 2 x men who could have a playing age of 25-35. All ethnicities. Good, interesting, happy & expressive faces. Not hipsters but still cool looking guys. They are not too executive-they don’t work in suits.

WAITER: He could have a playing age of 20-25. All ethnicities. Good, friendly, happy & expressive face. Able to hold trays with ease!

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