Modelling is so easy says Iman

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The 60-year-old icon says her profession is a walk in the park because a model’s every whim is attended to.

“People say that modelling is hard. It isn’t when you compare it to other jobs,” says the Somalian beauty, married to rocker David Bowie since 1992.

“I mean, you get to the job and… there is a makeup artist, manicurist, and hairdresser… it’s not hard.”

However, there are drawbacks. She says that the competitive nature of the industry causes a lack of self-confidence, which she has suffered from.

“Your self-esteem is the hard part. I can wake up and be like, ‘I look good, I got this’. And then I get to the job and there is Cindy Crawford! That will bring you down in a second.”

You look pretty good from where we’re sitting, Iman.

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