Music video for THE WOMBATS.

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music video for THE WOMBATS.

The director, James Moore, directed the critically acclaimed feature
documentary “Mission To
Lars”. He is a director and producer with ten years experience making
commercials, music videos and films.

Fee: see below

The Wombats are an English Indie rock band. They won NME award for
Best New Band in 2008 and still are heavily played on BBC Radio 1, XFM etc.
Since their formation in 2003, the band have had continued success and their
biggest London headlining gig to date is scheduled for this October at
Alexandra Palace.


STAR WRESTLER: Our Star Wrestler is a hulking brute of a man – all muscle
power He should be as tall as possible, whilst retaining the squat
appearance of a pro-wrestler.

Aged around 40-50 our Star Wrestler should look like a seasoned
fighter, with perhaps a few facial scars. We’re looking for someone with an
intimidating appearance, the sort of man you wouldn’t want to end up

Fee: £350 for the day

COACH: The Coach should be a veteran of the wrestling world. Aged around
60, with a face that is as worn as the gym he manages. He should be short
and squat, with grey/thinning hair and a no-nonsense attitude.

Fee: £100 for the day

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