No cleavage, please, we’re Chinese: Largest gaming expo in China ‘will fine models who reveal breasts or wear mini skirts’

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It has been a less than glamorous year for the glamorous showgirls in China.

After being banned from modelling for car companies at the Auto Shanghai show last month, they now face a prudent dress code at China’s largest gaming expo.

ChinaJoy – the annual exhibition for digital entertainment and gaming – is expected to carry out a crackdown on the scantily clad models the show is famous for.

There are no final words yet, but the possible new rules for this year’s show will prohibit them from wearing clothes that ‘show cleavage, hips or upper thighs’, reported the People’s Daily Online.

Rumours started when a leaked document – said to be from the organiser of ChinaJoy – was circulated among Chinese media.

And it contains a long list of ‘dos and dont’s’ for showgirls in the upcoming 13th edition of ChinaJoy.

Among the restrictions, models are due to be fined 5,000 Yuan (£52) – about 50 times the day rate for a junior showgirl – if they wear low-cut tops revealing too much cleavage.

The document clarifies that cleavage – or as the Chinese web users call it, ‘women’s career line’ – should not been seen for longer than 2cm.

The same amount of fine applies if female models wear skirts or trousers that show hips. Miniskirts and hot pants that expose the upper thighs will land them the same bills.

Male models will also get into trouble if they wear ‘underwear-style’ clothes or tight trousers.

ChinaJoy has previously vowed that it would take actions to eradicate ‘vulgar’ showgirls in accordance with the government’s effort of ‘purifying social morale’ and ‘promoting positive spirit’.

It’s reported that the organiser has hired a modelling agency to ensure all models on-site will obey the rules this year.

The 13th ChinaJoy exhibition will run from July 30 to August 2 in Shanghai.

Last year, a total of 250,000 people visited the four-day-long ChinaJoy in Shanghai in a massive exhibition space spreading nearly 1 million square feet.

The expo is regarded by many gaming and manga followers as the annual occasion to put on wacky cosplay costumes and oogle sexy hostesses.

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