Photo shoot/viral for LUFTHANSA

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Shoot: April 21st in Germany

Usage: worldwide, 2 years all media (excl. TV & cinema) for stills and
motion material

Fee: Day Rate €2,000 inc Buyout.

I’m casting ads for Lufthansa. It is primarily a print campaign with a video
element (from previous experience it will be 10 sec idents or mood films).
Sorry about the money. It is actually better than they’ve paid in previous years
and I’ve never even seen any of those final ads anywhere.

I need to send a pre cast over to the client this weekend so please make
suggestions asap. If possible please send suggestions as J-pegs.


MALE: 35+

A father,




Pan Asian (any South East Asian Country) References linked below. As there is video involved it would be great if suggestions have some experience of taking direction

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