SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 / Shooting Portugal

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We are looking for model/goodlooking guys who are clean shaven.

Rehearsal: 28th April

Shoot: 29th April 2015 in Portugal

Fee: £300 bsf plus half rate for travel

£3,000 for 1 year Worldwide
All forms of on-line, POS, retail, trade shows All forms of media (excluding
TV / Cinema / Print)

Use of the films, stills from the films and / or stills taken during the
shooting of the film and any reproduction or adaptation thereof for all
Publicity and Editorial purposes, irrespective of media, now known or
invented in the future, including but not limited to Client and Agency self
promotion, editorial comment and review, awards festivals/competitions,
ceremonies and websites, use on all showreels, advertising archives and for
internal use, throughout the world for all time.

For the avoidance of doubt Publicity and Edirotial may include (but is not
limited to) productions such as the ‘making of the film’

There is some mystery and suspension in this film. We follow
two characters as they enter a large undefined space. There
seems to be something at stake. They walk towards a circular
stage where a game of chess waits for them. A variety of angles
take us through the tension as the game moves forward.


HERO GUYS: Caucasian guys, late 20’s-early 30’s. They are good looking,
clean shaven ,
model guys with intense eyes and they have real presence. refs are: young
Brad Pitt/Edward Norton in ‘Fight Club’ Our two leading men should feel
real, genuine characters with warm and interesting faces. They need to have
a strong sincere appearance, and a performance that is believable.

We would like to focus on a higher caliber of actors that come from the
world of TV and film. People that work outside the usual advertising talent
without being too famous. We feel we will get a better and a more genuine
performance. We are looking for something that is real and honest.

Their physical appearance should be genuine, soulful, and interesting. Real
characters that enthrall us, generating a real connection when we watch

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