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Most people have had cancer touch their lives in
some way – either themselves, a relative, a friend. I am happy to be helping
Cancer Research UK find people for their Shine walk advert. The Shine walk
is a night time walk through London and I am looking for some people who
fulfill the brief below. There will be a lot more people on the walk in this
spot than those mentioned below however the director is trying to put across
certain ideas hence we are being quite specific re the people we are looking
for. The walk is to be filmed for a spot for Shine Walk and will be shown
online to promote the walk itself.

No one person is featured – camera may linger on
each of our characters below but it’s more enhanced walk on – not featured.
Hopefully many people will want to be involved in this good cause

Casting: all day Wed 9th March

Shoot: NIGHT SHOOT Saturday 19th March

Fee: £250 each, night shoot for Saturday 19th
March, times TBC but they should be available between 4pm Saturday and 8am
Sunday. You will probably NOT be needed all night – especially for the
frailer roles – but please be available

Usage: is ONLINE only, with PR/press screen grabs &


REAL CHARACTERS, LONDON ALL RACES SIZES SHAPES AND HEIGHTS SMELLS AND SMILES. People with emotional FACES, great EYES, characterful VOICES including regional ACCENTS. All ages are playing

ALF: Working Class father and teenage son.
Father has crinkly face and twinkly smile, wearing plain specsavers glasses
(35-55). Real character in his face

HARRY: Alf’s teenage son, brown hair and skinny (16-18 but
young looking)

JAMES: More businessman city type, wears glasses maybe,

ISSY: Headphones Woman – (25-40) – Londoner, potentially
Asian, LONG HAIR in pony tail

BOBBY or BOBBI: arty types. Shard Walker – male or female, MIDDLE AGED ARTY

PATRICIA: Resting walker wiping raindrops – woman (40-55)
slightly rotund, curly greying hair, wearing a fleece, sweet, innocent face

KEN: Limping walker – younger man – (25-35) – quite good
looking black man, defiant,

LYNN:  CANCER SURVIVOR – young woman (25-40), warm, resilient,
hopeful face, supportive family

GEORGE He is real Londoner – quite a character – perhaps he
was a black cab driver. Looks about 60-75 years old. Sort of guy who wears a
flat cap. He has sadly lost his wife to cancer

JANE & SARAH: real Sisters (18 – 42). We dont want to be too age specific: women who look
as though they are teens/young adults to people in their 30’s & 40’s.
We are looking for a pair of siblings who have lost
a parent. When they are on the walk they would have a Shine vest which says
‘Shining for Mum’ or ‘ Shining for Dad’.

It would be very helpful if the 2 sisters look
similar so we know immediately they are related – twins would be good too!
Please send sister pics i.e. of them together to [email protected]

ANNIE: Her child has survived cancer. They have battled
cancer together! Preferably she looks between 20-35yrs old

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